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Temporarily suspending the service, changing the payment period, terminating the contract and changing the owner.

Information on how to temporarily suspend, change the payment period, terminate or change the owner of your services

I want to temporarily suspend the web-hosting service
The web-hosting service can be temporarily suspended for up to one year at a cost of 20 + VAT, regardless of the account size. The price includes storage of a web-hosting package with all settings (including email, files, databases, ZoneCloud).

In a year, the service owner will receive an automatic notification with the server activation date.

In order to temporarily close the service, send us an email to info@zone.ee with the domain name for which the web-hosting service was ordered.

I want to change the billing period
In order to change the billing period, please end an email to info@zone.ee with the desired payment period and server name.

Billing periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months are supported. Paying yearly gives a discount on the web-hosting services. Prices can be found on our website at https://www.zone.ee/en

I want to transfer the service to another user (changing the owner)
In order to transfer a web-hosting service or other service from one ZoneID account to another, a written confirmation from the new and current owner is required, which should be sent to out contact address info@zone.ee. A prerequisite for changing ownership is that the new owner has a ZoneID account, which can be registered here.

The instructions for changing the owner of the .EE domain can be found here.

Instructions for changing ownership of .COM, .NET and other top-level domains can be found here.

I want to terminate the web-hosting service (website, email)
As customers feedback is very important to us, termination of the web-hosting contract is possible only through our customer support service, by sending an email at info@zone.ee.

I want to cancel my domain
The domain automatically stops working at the end of registration period.

Keeping only the domain on the account will not incur any costs.

Tip: If, for example, the company name has changed and a new domain name is registered, then we recommend that you keep the old domain for several years. This avoids the risks associated domain becoming available for registration to everyone, including cyber criminals trying to phish your customers

Updated on 17. Jun 2022

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