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Temporary Turbo package for Managed CloudServer

Using the Managed CloudServer Turbo, you can temporarily increase the CPU and RAM resources of the cloud server package you are using. This is useful in situations where the site has more visitors and load than usual, for example, during advertising campaigns.

Managed CloudServer users can use the Turbo for free once every 30 days.


Please contact us at info@zone.ee if it’s needed to activate Turbo more than once per month (fee 99EUR+VAT).
We offer special solutions for Cloud Platinum users.

The Turbo can be found in the My Zone control panel by selecting WebHosting. If your account has more than one server package, choose the server you want to activate Turbo for and then select Additional Resources under WebHosting.

To enable the Turbo, first select the date when additional resources will be required, and then click Switch on.

Additional resources will be provided within 15 minutes of clicking the Switch on.


If you choose to start on the same day, Turbo will run until the end of the day after tomorrow. If you select a date in the future, the “boost” will activate at 00:00 on the selected date and will last for 72 hours.



Updated on 16. May 2024

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