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Filtering mail through the web client – Webmail.ee

One of the features of our email web client https://webmail.ee is the possibility to create filters for emails on the server level before they end up on the mail account.

This way it is possible to create filters that apply to the mail account on all mail programs the same account is used on (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc).

Creating a new filter

To add a filter, click on the gear icon in the webmail.ee environment and choose Filters. Choose Create a new filter or click on the arrow pointing down symbol on the inner right side of the search box.

This will open a window where it’s possible to create mail filters on different conditions and purposes.

Smart device users

Smart device users can create filters under the Settings page by first clicking on the cog icon, then Filters.

Mail filter conditions

Emails can be filtered under any of the following conditions: From, To, Subject, Text contains, Message size (greater than / less than KB / MB) and Has attachments.

Useful tip!

Emails can also be filtered on a domain level. For example, by entering ”zone.ee” into the From box, the filter will apply to all emails sent from any address ending with @zone.ee

Actions applied to filtered messages

Filters can be assigned to move emails to a certain folder, forward them to another email address, mark as read, delete or mark as important (Flag).

In addition it is possible to set actions related to spam: Do nothing, Mark as spam, Mark as not spam.

By not choosing any spam related setting while creating a filter, the ”do nothing” option will be set automatically.


Moving an email containing a keyword to another folder

Let’s say an email user wishes to move all incoming paychecks to some other folder than INBOX.

They can do so by first entering ”paycheck” in the Text contains box. Then, since paychecks are usually sent as file attachments, they can but do not necessarily need to tick the Has attachments box. Finally under the Move to dropdown menu they will need to select the folder they wish the emails to be moved into.

Allowing letters from a certain address to come through clean

In order for all emails coming from zone.ee to come through clean without the spam filter intervening:

Enter ”zone.ee” in the From box, then choose Mark as not spam under the spam related settings. Finally click on Create the filter.

Filter management

To view filters in webmail.ee, click on the gear icon and select Filters.

User-created mail filters can be edited, disabled and deleted. Disabling a filter will turn it gray in the list and not be applied to emails that meet its conditions.

Updated on 29. Apr 2024

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