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How to add a signature in Webmail

Signature View

In the webmail environment, it is possible to add signatures to your outgoing emails and manage them as needed. To access the signatures section in Webmail, follow these steps: Settings -> Signatures.

In the opened view, you can add new signatures, edit them, and delete if necessary.

Adding a signature

To add a new signature, click on the Add a new signature button in the signature view. This will open the signature creation view for you.

Webmail provides the option to format the text within the signature using tools located at the top of the text field.

If you select Add automatically to every message, the signature will be automatically added when composing a new email. After saving the signature, you can add existing signatures to your composed email by selecting the Set signature button. The signature will be inserted at the location of the text cursor.

Using Images and Hyperlinks

A signature can include both images and hyperlinks. You can add an image by using the dedicated button for that purpose.

Then a window will appear with two options for adding an image:

General: You can add an image using a public URL.

Upload: The image is uploaded from your device.

To add a hyperlink, there is a button located next to the image insertion button. A hyperlink makes text or an image clickable and directs it to the desired webpage.

In the opened window, you can add the destination in the URL field. In the Text to display field, you can enter the text that will be shown. The Title field determines what is displayed when you hover the mouse cursor over the link. Below, you also have the option to choose how the link will open, whether in the same or a new window.

Using HTML code

Webmail does not support adding HTML formatting in code form. To get the formatting to work, you should follow these steps:

Copy your HTML code to a text editor, such as Notepad.

Save the code as an HTML file. To do this, add the .html extension to the end of the file.

After saving, open the file in a web browser.

Select the entire content of the window by dragging the mouse or using the Ctrl+A key combination. Then right-click on the selected content and choose Copy, or use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut. Go back to Webmail and paste the copied content into the signature field. Right-click and select Paste from the menu, or use the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

Updated on 5. Sep 2023

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