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Allowing external content in webmail.ee

External content is for example links to content from the internet (e.g. images) that are not directly included in the email but are downloaded from an external source when the email is opened. For the security of users, content is not automatically downloaded from the Internet, but a message is displayed indicating that part of the content is blocked.

Changing the settings

To configure the display of external content in the webmail.ee environment, you should click on the cogwheel icon, then Security, External Content , External Content Select and choose the appropriate solution from the drop-down menu.

Click Save changes to save the selection.

It is possible to change this setting, for example, to allow content to be browsed only from a trusted source, i.e. saved contacts, and this is also enabled by default.

If desired, it is also possible to configure the content to be displayed from all addresses, except for emails classified as spam and placed in the Junk folder.

If you do not want to display content at all, you should select Never automatically display remote content field.

Updated on 30. Mar 2023

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