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How to change SMTP server

There might be cases where you need to change outgoing e-mail server (SMTP server) in your e-mail application. This tutorial shows how to change it in some of the most popular e-mail applications.

Good to know!

Zone.ee has two e-mail platforms with two different outgoing servers:

Old platform outgoing mail server: smtp.zone.EE
New platform outgoing mail server: smtp.zone.EU

Mozilla Thunderbird

To change outgoing mail server in Thundebrird, first click on your e-mail address with right mouse click and select Settings

In the next window click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) on the left side, select your active SMTP server and click on Edit...

Now you can change the current outgoing e-mail server name and also ports.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

To change outgoing e-mail server in Outlook 2016 open Fail menu, choose Options and from there Advanced. Under Advanced menu there’s an separate option for Send/Receive..

Now choose Edit... and Account Properties..

On IMAP Email menu there is Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): menu where you can type your new outgoing e-mail server name.

Android – Gmail app

In Android phones (Samsung, Huawei, Sony etc..) the default e-mail app is Gmail.

To open the settings menu just swipe right on your screen after opening the applicaton

From the menu choose Settings

From account menu choose the account you want to edit.

Now choose the last option Outgoing settings

In SMTP server menu, you can set up the new outgoing mail server.

iPhone IOS 9

To setup new outgoing mail server in iPhone, find OUTGOING MAIL SERVER under account settings and click on the SMTP server tab

Now tap on primary server to change server settings.

Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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