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Setting up an email in iOS (iPhone and iPad)


Automatic setup

iPhone iOS Mail is able to automatically setup the email account. Add email account using the following instructions

Following settings are compatible with you email account:

  • Encrypted connection: SSL, SSL/TLS or STARTTLS
  • Incoming mail server i.e  IMAP server:  imap.zone.eu port 993
  • Incoming mail server i.e POP3 server:  pop3.zone.eu port 995
  • Outgoing mail server i.e SMTP server:  smtp.zone.eu port 465 or 587

Outgoing mail server requires authentication (username is email address, password is general or device specific).

1. On your Home screen tap Settings, then then Mail, Accounts and Add AccountOtherAdd Mail Account


2. Then add email account information:

Name: name and last name
Email: Email address
Password: Password for email account
Description: If more than one email account are in use, then add a description of a particular email account.

To save the information click Next.

3. Setting up an incoming and outgoing mail servers

Choose an account type  IMAP.
Host name: imap.zone.eu
User name: email address
Password: password for email account  


Host name: smtp.zone.eu
User name: email address
Password: password for email account 


4. After the data is verified, click Save



Updated on 17. Jun 2024

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