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E-mail server limits


Restrictions Standard Premium and Ultimate Time (TTL)
(in minutes)
Maximum mailbox size

Mailbox size limit depending on the package.

(8|12|16) GiB (50|100) GiB

You can send a message to up to 2000 recipients within 24 hours using SMTP.
PS! No more than one email every 5 seconds can be sent!

2000 4000 1440
SMTP forwards

The number of recipients an email can be sent to within 24 hours (copies + redirects through filters)

10000 20000 1440

The number of different IP addresses you can send emails from within 15 minutes.

10 10 15
Number of recipients of one email via SMTP

Number of email addresses allowed in one letter (To: Cc: Bcc :

400 400
Number of received emails

The number of received emails for one mailbox per minute

60 90 1
IMAP upload

The amount of data (in bytes) that can be uploaded via IMAP within 24 hours.

5 GiB 20 GiB 1440
IMAP download

The amount of data (in bytes) that can be downloaded via IMAP within 24 hours. The amount of data downloaded via webmail is not included.

10 GiB 20 GiB 1440
POP3 download

The amount of data (in bytes) that can be downloaded via POP3 in 24 hours.

10 GiB 20 GiB 1440
Number of auto-replies

One email account can send 2000 auto-replies in 24 hours.

2000 2000 1440
Number of auto-replies

Maximum filters that can be added via webmail.ee to one account

400 400
Limit by IP address of the sender for each recipient

Number of emails one IP address can send to the same mailbox in an hour. (Preventing DoS attacks).

100 100 60
Failed login attempts

Password protection from brute-force. Example: if someone tries to log in 12 times per second with wrong passwords, they will not be able to log in to that account for 119 seconds.

12 12 2
Number of simultaneous IMAP connections

One user can establish multiple IMAP connections to the server at the same time.

25 50
Maximum number of POP3 messages

The maximum number of messages that can be viewed using the POP3 protocol.

250 2000

Other restrictions and settings

  • Maximum size of sent and received email message: 25 MiB
  • Maximum message size that can be downloaded via IMAP client: 35 MiB
  • Automatic deletion of messages from Trash and Spam (Junk) folders : 30 days
  • The period for archiving deleted messages: 14 days (time to restore deleted messages from backup).
  • An auto-reply is sent to the same recipient once every 4 hours.
  • Emails with spam score above 10 points will not be forwarded (redirect, copy).
  • Emails cannot be sent from another sender’s address through the SMTP server.

Premium and Ultimate packages

Premium and Ultimate are intended for the professional e-mail users or enthusiasts.

A small additional fee applies for using these packages, but they have a separate disk space that is independent from the web hosting package and does not affect the amount of disk space on the server.

Additional information about the packages

Updated on 28. Jan 2023

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