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Mailinglist and DMARC

Due to the popularization of DMARC rules, a problem has arisen where a mailing list can no longer deliver all mail. This problem can occur because the IP address of the mailing server may not be included in the list of resolved IP addresses of the sender’s domain.

If the mail fails to be delivered and is rejected, the address may be removed from the mailing list.

n order to avoid this problem, you can replace the From address  in the mailing list with the mailing list address. To do this, choose the corresponding option in the mailing list settings:

When this parameter is changed, the From: header inside the email is rewritten to name: Sender Name via Mailing List Name <mailinglist@mailinglistaddress.ee>.

With this setting, the DKIM signature will also be removed from the email if a DKIM signature exists, as the email headers will be changed.

Updated on 23. Apr 2024

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