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Catch-all email account

In case “Catch-all” is activated, then all the emails sent at non-existent addresses of you server will be delivered to address specified  in the Catch-all email address field.

Additional information

Catch-all is not active by default. If catch-all is activated, more spam will definitely arrive in the targeted mailbox than if it is deactivated.

There is also a potential risk of receiving emails containing personal data for some deleted email accounts. It is therefore worth being attentive to the contents of your inbox when catch-all is activated.


Example: There are two email accounts info@domeen.ee and abi@domeen.ee on your server. Someone sends an email at nimi@domeen.ee. If “Catch-all” is activated and “Catch-all” email address is specified as for example info@domeen.ee, then email  will be delivered to that address.

In order to configure the Catch-all email account on our website choose My Zone and log in using your ZoneID account information. On the service overview page under Web-hosting click on the shortcut E-mail.

Then on the left choose Catch-all email account. Activate the feature, enter the address to which you want to forward the emails and save your changes.


Updated on 29. Apr 2024

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