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Changing the e-mail password

The email account’s password can be changed via web-hosting management in My Zone, via our webmail at webmail.ee.

ATTENTION! Please be aware, that your account’s security depends directly on your password’s complexity. Your email account password must not contain the name or e-mail address of the user, or other commonly used strings that can be easily guessed.

My Zone management

In order to change the password via web-hosting management on our website, choose My Zone and log in using your ZoneID account information.
On the service overview page under Web and E-mail click E-mail.

Additional info!

In case you have received your user login from, for example your employer, then it’s necessary for you to contact the person who has the access to the web-hosting My Zone management.

Click modify behind the e-mail account you wish to change the password for.



In the next window under Password, click Change.

Choose a password and Save it.


If the indicator displays Weak, the password does not meet the requirements and cannot be saved.


If you don’t have access to My Zone management, it’s possible to change the password via webmail if you know the current password of the mailbox.

From webmail.ee


Use you e-mail account to log into webmail at https://webmail.ee/
Open mailbox Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon.


Under Security click Account password.

For saving the password, click Save changes.

Additional security

Two factor authentication and application passwords can be used for additonal mailbox security.

Updated on 29. Apr 2024

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