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Change of domain name holder

There are two ways to change the registrant (holder) of a .EU domain name:

1. In order to change the holder of a domain, one must submit an application on Zone homepage. The application can be submitted either by the current or by the new holder of a domain. Change of domain name’s holder requires a transfer authorization code. An authorization code can be requested from the current registrant. If the application is submitted by current registrant, then more information about the authorization code can be found here. Application for changing the owner can be submitted here.

ATTENTION! If the application is submitted by a new holder through ZoneID account, the during the change of the holder, domain will be transfered to the new holder’s account. The invoice will also be generated to the name of a new holder. If the application is submitted by the current holder through ZoneID account, then domain remain on his ZoneID account and the invoice will also be generated to his name.

The change of a domain holder is a paid procedure and during this procedure domain name registration is prolonged by one year. The invoice is generated in the process. The request is taken into process after the invoice is paid and the payment has arrived in Zone system. Already submitted application and invoice are shown in “Orders/Invoices“. If you choose to pay via bank link or using a credit card, then the payment will arrive in our system within 15 minutes. If you you wish to pay by a simple bank transfer, then the payment will arrive during next business day. When paying by bank transfer, we strongly recommend adding the domain name and the invoice number into “details”. We would also ask you to definitely add a reference number.

2. If the current domain holder wishes to correct the contact information or the name of the company, to whom domain is registered, then please contact our customer support at info@zone.ee

Updated on 4. Oct 2023

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