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Redirecting domain using URL records

URL records allow you to redirect your domain to another address (e.g, a Facebook page). A URL record can be added to all domains registered at Zone and using our DNS servers.

Adding a record

In order to add a record, choose DNS servers next to the corresponding domain in the My Zone: .

Then choose Change DNS records

On the URL row add a URL redirection


Before adding an URL record, corresponding A-record and CNAME must be deleted.

There are two types of redirection. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect. It is used when one page completely and permanently redirects to another address. A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect.

If you want to redirect the www subdomain, then in the Host field enter www. It is advisable to always add two entries, with www and without www (leave the Host field blank).

In the URL field, enter the full address, where you want to redirect your domain, e.g.: https://www.zone.ee/

Click Change to save the added records.

The change will take effect when the DNS records are propagated in about one hour.

Deleting records

In order to delete a record, check the box next to the corresponding record and click Change.


  • The URL record redirects both HTTP and HTTPS requests. In the case of HTTPS requests, a Let’s Encrypt certificate is automatically activated.
  • Technically, URL record doesn’t exists on the name server. In the background, an A-record with an IP address of is added to the DNS zone, where the Zone redirection service is located, which redirects the request with the correct code to the correct address.
Updated on 15. Feb 2022

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