Nameserver zone file

Nameserver zone

DNS (Domain Name System) zone file is text file that describes a DNS zone.
A DNS zone is usually made up of a single domain.
A zone file is the main DNS file for a domain, which contains all the nameserver zone records.
It can be used to simplify the process of moving nameservers.

The zone file looks like this:

; ===================================================================================== ;
; Generated by DataZone: 2022/08/25 14:43:03
; ===================================================================================== ;
; Records were last modified: 2022/08/25 14:42:37

; SOA record
$TTL 3600	IN	SOA (
			2022082520	; serial
			10800	; refresh, seconds
			3600	; retry, seconds
			2419200	; expire, seconds
			3600)	; negative cache TTL, seconds

; 3 NS record(s)		IN	NS		IN	NS		IN	NS

; 1 MX record(s)		IN	MX	10

; 0 A/AAAA record(s)

; 0 A/AAAA record(s) for URL redirect

; 2 CNAME record(s)		IN CNAME	IN CNAME

; 1 SRV record(s) IN SRV 0 0 443

; 0 TXT record(s)

; 0 CAA record(s)

; 0 SSHFP record(s)

Name server zone in Zone management

If your domain uses Zone name servers and a web hosting service, the domain’s DNS zone file is available from the web-hosting management.

If you are using a web hosting service elsewhere, but the domain is in the Zone registry and uses Zone name servers, the DNS zone file can be found in the domain management under the DNS Records:

Updated on 2. May 2024

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