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MySQL/MariaDB external connections

It is possible to connect to Zone virtual and dedicated servers from outside the web server. To do this, you first need to specify the exact IP address from which you want to connect in the MySQL/MariaDB account settings. It is not possible to enter a network range.

When creating a connection, the hostname must be a personal server address of the form dXXX.mysql.zonevs.eu and the port 3306.

Connections to port 3306 from all foreign IP addresses are denied.


Zone MariaDB servers also support the creation of secure SSL connections. However, it should be noted that TLS1.2 is required, which may not be supported by older clients. It is recommended that the client used to establish the connection is upgraded to the latest version.

If the SSL connection fails, it is likely that the client does not support TLSv1.2 and the SSL connection cannot be established. In this case, the software developer should be contacted to see when TLS 1.2 support could be added.

Updated on 4. Apr 2024

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