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Login to FTP

1. One possibility to login to FTP is to enter into your browser address bar ftp:domain.eu

  • Example: When using igatahes.eu as a domain name, then enter ftp:igatahes.eu in the browser’s address bar
  • After that username and password will be asked

NB! If you have forgotten FTP userdata, then in Server administration under choise FTP -> FTP accounts and change you can look and if need also change username and/or password.


2. Second possiblity to login to FTP is to use our web FTP client at http://files.zone.ee/

  • After login username and password will be asked


3. Third option is to use some freeware FTP client for connecting with our server (FileZilla, WS FTP, SmartFTp etc.).

ATTENTION! In pictures we used as an example domain name igatahes.eu. But should use your own domain name and data for login.

Updated on 18. Oct 2018

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