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FTP – Logging in

Accessing FTP requires you to have an FTP user account. You will find instructions here, on how to create an FTP user account.

Without an user account you’re able to access WebFTP which does not need an account to  be created. You can access WebFTP via your web hosting management.

WebFTP is the easiest way to get an overview of your server files, make changes in PHP/HTML files or view the server logs.


You can access WebFTP via My Zone, it can be found under Webhosting:

WebFTP looks like this:


Maximum file size limit for uploading via WebFTP is 4GB (File Upload Limit). Should you wish to upload bigger files, you would need to use an FTP client.

FTP client

For best functionality, we would suggest using an FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP.

You will need the following parameters in order to access your FTP:

  • Host or server name: www.your-domain.com
  • Username: The username that was used to create the FTP account
  • Password: The password that was used to create the FTP account
  • Port: 21

If you experience any problems while logging in, you should try logging in with the server IP-address. You will find the server IP-address via Webhosting under System information

Updated on 4. Oct 2023

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