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How to create an FTP account

In order to create FTP account on our website choose “My Zone” and log in using your ZoneID account information.

In the menu on the left choose "Web Hosting" and then "FTP" - "FTP accounts".


Click "add an FTP user".



When adding an account, you can specify the directory to which the account has access to. By default, the account can access to home directory. 

Enter a username in to the Username (alias) field, that you are going to continue using (e.g. name.yourdomain.ee). The domain name is added to the account automatically.

For each account you can specify FTP server operations that are allowed.

FTP connection security can be specified separately. We strongly suggest using only TLS/SSL FTP connection and restrict access by the countries.



Make sure you use password that consists of at least 10 characters, also contains uppercase letters and numbers.

If the account is successfully added, the system will show you following notification:

It’s possible to log in automatically to the web based FTP application – WebFTP after adding the account. It’s not necessary to enter a username and password when entering WebFTP from My Zone.

Updated on 29. Apr 2019

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