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How to change the owner of .EE domain

The new owner usually starts the change of the ownership and one must submit an electronic application in our homepage https://www.zone.ee/en/zwebadmin/registrar/trade


The authorization code is required in order to change the owner of .EE domain.  Information on how to request an authorization code can be found here.

While  submitting an application, the system generates the joint statement, that shows the information about the new and the current owner. Current owner’s data is automatically taken from WHOIS – the .EE domain database.

Then both parties must sign the application. The new owner can sign the application digitally, by authorizing through payment or manually at our office. The current owner or his/her representative can sign the application digitally or manually at our office.

If the application is signed by representative, then power of attorney is required to establish the right of representation.

More information about signing, establishing the right of representation and paying the invoice: https://help.zone.eu/en/Knowledgebase/Article/View/556/44/how-to-successfully-register-ee-domain

ATTENTION! The current owner of the domain can’t sing the application by authorizing through payment. The change of ownership is a paid procedure and costs 2 euros. A documentation processing fee in the amount of two euros (including VAT) applies when signing the application at our office. Application cannot be authorized via credit card payment.

Updated on 27. Oct 2022

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