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Please note

Owning a domain name gives you the right to use this name in the internet, hence it’s very important that it doesn’t expire- otherwise all your services associated with the domain will stop working (web page and domain-ending emails)
To prevent downtime, renewal of the domain should be done well before it’s expiry date.


From our side, we send out several email notifications about the domain expiry.

60 days before domain registration period ends, you will receive an automatic notification about it to your ZoneID account’s and domain owner’s contact email address.
30 days before the registration expiry, you will receive another email notification- this notification includes a yearly registration period extension bill.

To renew the domain, simply pay the automatic renewal invoice. We recommend using a bank link for payment. When using a traditional bank transfer, please make sure to use the reference number. Also insert the domain name and the invoice number on  explanation field. The payment term on the automatic renewal bill is 10 days.

Notifications about the domain expiry are sent to the domain owner’s email address and to your ZoneID account’s contact email address.
Automatic renewal bill is sent to your ZoneID account’s contact email address (NOT to your billing address)


Please note, the domain registration period extension bill will NOT be sent to your billing email address- It is sent to your ZoneID account’s contact email address. Please make sure that the ZoneID account contact email and the domain owner’s email address are active and in use.
Those addresses are the only valid communication channels from our view.


You can renew the domain before the automatic renewal order and bill is issued, by following those steps:

From “My Zone” environment click on your domain name from “Services Overview” window

From the next window, click “Renew”
.EE domain’s registration period can be extended up to 10 years

Submit the order by clicking on the “Checkout” button, you will be redirected to the order overview page, where you can pay the invoice.

Additional information

Please note that the issued bill’s payment term is one day.
The reason for this is to avoid any possible downtime caused by domain’s expiry and that all your services will keep working as intended.
You can pay the bill later, but it should be paid prior to the expiry date of your domain. An unpaid renewal order will be automatically cancelled in 30 days.

Cancelling the domain order

In some cases, you may have been issued a renewal bill for a domain that you no longer need or use.

To cancel domain’s renewal order simply click on the “View order” button from “Overview” window

Click on the “Cancel order” button and confirm

An automatic credit invoice will be issued and you will no longer receive email notifications about the domain expiry. Domain will expire in the registry at the end of it’s registration period.


The web hosting service for your expired domain is not closed automatically! In case you no longer need the web hosting server for your expired domain, please let us know to info@zone.ee address

Updated on 3. Jun 2022

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