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Authorizing the .EE domain application

Establishing the right of representation

The registrant can represent himself or administrative contact can do it on registrant’s behalf. The right of representation is given to administrative contact with the power of attorney.

  • Application submitted by the company or organization can only be signed by the person who has the right of representation by law or established by proxy.
  • In case of a private person, the registrant and the administrative contact is a private person. At the same time a private person can always authorize a separate administrative contact to sign the application.

* If according to the commercial registry, only two or more board members together can represent the company, then it is necessary for the application to be signed by all board members or for the signer to have a separate power of attorney.

Power of attorney must contain the following information:

  • Who authorizes – for legal person in addition to the name of the company power of attorney must contain the name and personal identification code of the Board member, who is entitled to representation
  • Who is authorized – a natural person’s name and personal identification code
  • The nature of authorization – on the behalf of the registrant, signing and submitting applications related to a particular domain name or domain names (procedures related to (re-)registration and transfer/trade of .ee domain names)
  • Signature – signature of authorized person

Authorization can be in free form, but we expect for power of attorney to be on a company’s official form. The fastest and easiest way to draw up and sign the power of attorney is digitally. You can send a power of attorney at info[@]zone.ee. Power of attorney must be sent to us in writing either by fax or email, regular mail or delivered directly to the office. You can download the PoA form for manual signing on our website: https://help.zone.eu/static/poa_ee_domeeni_volikiri_poa_blank_zone.pdf


ATTENTION! All of the termless PoA’s uploaded to our system are valid for a maximum of 12 months. In case the veracity of power of attorney is doubtful, we have the right to ask for notarized authorization. We only accept correctly formed POA’s. The administrative contact has no right to delegate authority. If the person signing has the right of representation, but the system doesn’t accept it, then please let us know about this issue by sending an email at info[@]zone.ee.

Updated on 19. Nov 2021

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