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Zone SSH access policy

Zone hosting platform is using asymmetric encryption (public key cryptosystem) instead of the usual password in order to authorize SSH users.

The system performs authorization with a key pair, the public key is copied to the virtual server, and the private key remains with the user.
The following cryptographic algorithms are supported using the public key: RSA, ECDSA and ED25519.

By default, SSH access is allowed only for IP addresses from the allowed list, but you can opt-out from using this list and let the entire Internet connect via SSH to your server.
The list of allowed IP addresses can also contain blocks of IP addresses described in the CIDR format, which allows using an entire network (or several networks) instead of one IP.

The SSH access log can be viewed via “My Zone” control panel in the SSH section.
You can also find the “fingerprint” of the public key for each of the available algorithms in the SSH control panel.

Updated on 18. Oct 2018

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