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What is ZoneID?

ZoneID is a universal username that identifies Zone.ee’s client. ZoneID is used for ordering new services and managing current ones. ZoneID can be created while ordering services or registered separately on our homepage www.zone.ee by clicking “My Zone” and choosing “Register a ZoneID“.

While creating a ZoneID account, client assigns a password that can be later changed via control panel under “Account settings”. If the current password is lost, it can be changed by clicking “forgot password” under “My Zone”. ZoneID username and contact email address of the account must be entered, and link for password change will be sent to your ZoneID contact address.

NB! When 180 days have passed since the last change of account information, a popup window will appear asking you to check the account information and make changes if necessary.

Updated on 18. Oct 2018

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