SRV record

SRV record is a specification of DNS that assigns server location and port number for a service.

The record has 5 parts:

  • service name (host) – has three parts separated by stops: service, protocol, domain name;
  • priority – priority of the server, smaller number means higher preference;
  • weight – relative weight of record for the records with the same priority, larger number means greater chance to be selected;
  • port number (port);
  • hostname (target) – server providing the specific service.


_service._proto.domain. TTL IN SRV priority weight port target 3600 IN SRV 0 0 443

SRV records management

SRV records can be added, modified and removed in My Zone via webhosting management (under ˇ”Nameserver”) or via domain management (click on the domain name then select “DNS records” from the menu on the left).

To add a new record click “Add record” then select from “DNS Record Type” menu “SRV”.

Updated on 1. Mar 2023

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