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Authoritative nameservers

In order to make name servers authoritative for the domain, a SOA (Start of Authority) nameserver entry must be added to the nameserver zone.

Technical prerequisites must be fulfilled in advance in order to maintain the domain registration. This means that the domain must have at least two operational name servers.

If the name servers are not preconfigured for a particular domain, multiple registries may not register the domain. Similarly, registries for different domains may revoke a domain registration if the name servers associated with the domain are no longer operational. It would therefore be a good idea to preconfigure the name servers, where the corresponding zone file should be created, before registering the desired domain.

If you register a domain via Zone and also use the service here, the SOA entry for the name server will be added automatically. If you want to add the SOA record to a server of another service provider, you will need to contact the nameserver administrator in advance to have them set up the nameservers for the domain you are registering.

Updated on 5. Apr 2024

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