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How to change your php.ini file

It is now possible to modify PHP settings using a custom php.ini file, but there are some ground rules that need to be taken into account.

  • Php.ini file that can be edited is located in the /phpini/global/ directory. By default php.ini file is missing from this directory and needs to be created if required.Almost all of the PHP settings can be changed, modules can be added, etc. NB! Php.ini files, that are generated by Zone’s system are not editable.
  • phpini/global/php.ini file is read in FastCGI mode. This feature is disabled in Apache Module mode for safety reasons.
    Main domain and all sub domains have the same catalogue, so if the settings are changed there, then changes will affect all of the subdomains (except for https).
  • Changes in php.ini do not work automatically, if you want the new changes to take effect, change any php parameter via server management.
  • For HTTPS in the /secure/phpini/global/ catalogue there is a separate php.ini file, that affects all SSL hosts.
Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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