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Domain renewal cancellation

If you have less than 100 domains in your  My Zone account, by default we will send reminders about the expiration of each domain, and 30 days prior to the expiration of the domain, an invoice will be issued for a one-year renewal. This means that automatic renewal is turned on.

If there are more than 100 domains, renewal reminders are sent, but automatic invoice will not be issued. This means that automatic renewal is turned off.

These settings can be changed in the My Zone control panel.

Domain renewal cancellation

In the domain management section, first click on your domain name. The Automatic renewal  is set to ON by default, thus reminders will be sent before the domain expires reminders and an invoice will also be automatically issued for the one-year renewal.

If you do not need to renew your domain, you can switch the button to Off to disable notifications about domain expiration. This means that no reminders will be sent and no renewal invoice will be issued.

If instead of Automatic Renewal the Expiration notifications are displayed, then automatic renewal of all domains is disabled for this ZoneID account (ie, expiration notifications are sent for the domain, but no automatic renewal invoice is issued). Below we it will be explained how to turn them on.

Automatic invoicing

In domain management, you can also manage automatic renewal settings for all domains at the same time. This applies to all domains in that ZoneID account.

If domain automatic renewal is ON, we will send expiration reminders and invoice  before the domains expire. See the following instructions on how to cancel your renewal order if you’re already received an invoice for a domain you don’t want to renew.

If automatic renewal for domains is turned OFF, we will only send expiration reminders. Domain renewals will not be invoiced automatically, but you can submit the renewal application in My Zone and then the invoice will be issued.

Cancellation of a renewal order

If an invoice for domain renewal has already been issued, but there is no desire to renew the domain, then there are two further solutions:

1. do not pay renewal invoice, as a result the domain will expire and will be removed from the registry in accordance with the rules of the particular domain. The renewal application is automatically canceled when the domain expires.

2. In the My Zone control panel, in the domain management section under Orders, you can cancel the order for domain renewal along with the invoice. In order to cancel an order, click on the order number and then Cancel order. When canceling an order, the invoice will be automatically canceled by a credit invoice.



The web hosting service for your expired domain is not closed automatically! In case you no longer need the web hosting server for your expired domain, please contact us at info@zone.ee or fill out the cancellation form in My Zone in the Webhosting section under Package and billing period.

Updated on 5. Oct 2023

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