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Dedicated Server FAQ

What is the difference between Managed Dedicated Server and Dedicated Server?

In the case of the Managed Dedicated Server, in addition to the hardware, Zone also rents its ZoneOS software platform to the customer and offers a maintenance service for the server. The customer does not have to worry about the operating system installed on the server or its maintenance.

In the case of a Dedicated Server, Zone rents the server hardware to the client along with the infrastructure necessary for its use (electricity, cooling, etc.).

You can read more about the difference between the platforms on the Zone blog (in Estonian).

Does Zone only have a fixed number of dedicated server packages or are there other options?

We have prepared default packages, which by their nature meet the so-called “average needs”.
Of course, there are customers whose needs are slightly exceptional or greater. For such customers, we can always offer special solutions that better meet their needs. If the customer is interested in a special solution, they should contact us at sales@zone.ee.

In addition to individual servers, we also rent out servers in bulk, we can configure them to perform specific tasks or share certain tasks.

Useful information

We also occasionally offer used servers, which are usually cheaper than the regular price. You can see the selection of used servers here.

How often is the dedicated server backed up?

We make backup copies of Managed Dedicated Servers (with the ZoneOS software platform).
When it comes to backups, we follow Information Security Principles, according to which backups are made once a day and backups must be available for recovery within two weeks.

Dedicated Servers not managed by Zone (bare-metal) are not backed up.
The customer can use other Zone server services to make backup copies of dedicated servers without Zone management. For example, the customer can open a Web Hosting Service or a Cloud Server Service and make their backups there.

Where are the Dedicated Servers physically located?

We cooperate with several data centers – the servers connected to the dedicated server service are hosted by default in the Telia data center on Sõpruse puistee.

Additional information

Similar to all other services using the ZoneOS software platform, Managed Dedicated Servers are backed up to specially prepared equipment storage space located in another part of the city.

Is there 24/7 technical support for decicated server services?

Dedicated Servers using the ZoneOS software platform are monitored 24/7 for potential critical issues and anomalies. The resolution of all critical issues under Zone responsibility always begins at the moment when the Zone monitoring system sends an alarm to the responsible technician and the technician receives it.

General customer support, which cannot be classified as critical, is provided Mon-Fri 9:00 – 17.00.

Who is responsible for hardware failures on Dedicated Servers?

In the event of a hardware failure, Zone restores the service to the customer, which must meet or exceed the parameters ordered by the customer. This means that Zone is responsible for hardware failures and will replace the problematic component or server with an equivalent or better one in the event of a hardware failure.

Can Dedicated Servers have root rights?

Customers who use the software platform and maintenance service for Managed Dedicated Servers, i.e. ZoneOS, do not get root user rights. Exclusive root user access guarantees us the ability to have an overview of what is happening on the server at any time and to be responsible for its progress.

The client naturally has root user access to Dedicated Servers, as the client is responsible for the operating system and platform installed on the server.

Is it also possible to get remote power, remote console and BIOS level access to the Dedicated Servers?

It is not possible to get such access to the Managed Dedicated Server.

Depending on the hardware configuration of the Dedicated Server, remote management access is possible. As Zone provides Fujitsu servers for its customers, it uses Fujitsu iRMC technology, more information on which can be found here.

Is the Dedicated Server contract fixed-term?

By default, a contract is concluded with the client for an indefinite period. However, the term of the contract can be fixed by mutual agreement.

Is it possible to change the Dedicated Server and how long does it take?

Changing the server is possible for both Managed and regular Dedicated Servers.

How long it takes to change a Dedicated Server depends largely on our inventory. If the new server is available in our warehouse or that of a partner’s partner, its delivery time is about 2-5 days.
It may also happen that the new server is in our server room. In most cases, it takes up to 24 hours to reschedule this preparation service.

Is it possible to buy out the Dedicated Server hardware?

Zone does not currently sell hardware.

Updated on 3. May 2024

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