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Cloud Server Platform Switch

We wish to inform you that we have recently launched an entirely new and enhanced VPS platform, introducing numerous improvements and heightened performance. The new platform ensures our clients greater stability, security, and speed, thereby enhancing the efficiency of your web and application services.

Closure of OnApp VPS Platform in the First Quarter of 2024

We hereby notify you that the existing OnApp (PRO SSD) virtualization platform will be permanently discontinued on 29.02.2024. This significant change requires your attention, as it impacts all VPS based on the OnApp platform, particularly PRO SSD packages.

Prompt Migration is Advised Due to…

To ensure the seamless operation of your services and provide ample time for necessary tasks, we highly recommend initiating the migration to our new VPS platform at your earliest convenience. The new platform has been meticulously developed to cater to your demands in the most effective manner possible and to ensure the continuous quality of your web services.

…First Month Complimentary for Early Movers

At Zone, we deeply value our clients, and we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to extend a special offer to VPS PRO customers. Those who place an order for a new VPS before 31.01.2024 and independently migrate their data will receive the first month of their selected base package on the new VPS platform free of charge. To avail of this exclusive offer, kindly inform our customer support team at info@zone.ee after completing the order for the new VPS.

Updated on 15. Dec 2023

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