Zone API

API (Application Programming Interface), also known as API interface or application interface, refers to the rules by which one program can communicate with another.

The API authentication is done using the “HTTP basic auth” method with the username as the ZoneID account name, and the password as the API key.

The API key can be generated by logging in to My Zone and selecting Settings in the top right corner:

In the following window choose Security” and API keys.

Enter the comment for which the API key is used for and the duration of the API key.

By default, the API key is valid for three years (36 months). To add a new key, press Generate.

After generating the API key, the key is visible only once. It should be immediately saved in the password manager or the application which uses it. If the API key is lost, the key must be deleted and added again.

API key access

API keys can access all virtual servers under the same ZoneID. If you want to restrict the API key access to a specific virtual server, you need to register a separate ZoneID account and delegate the desired virtual server to the new account.

API documentation for Zone can be found here:

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Updated on 16. May 2024

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