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WordPress Assistant and FAQ

What is WordPress Assistant and how to get started?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management software, giving your imagination free rein. Thousands of themes and designs are at your disposal, supported by easy-to-install plugins.

WordPress Assistant is a website built by AI, or artificial intelligence. Under the guidance of the assistant, the creation of the website is made as easy as possible:

  • You can install new WordPress using the Zone+ application manager
  • After installing WordPress (with the Assistant), you can start creating a website
  • First, you should write your field of activity in the requested field
  • Find the most suitable website design among the unique ones
  • Set the structure of the pages and choose suitable add-ons & plugins
  • AI will help you write all the content, just tell who you are and what your page is about.
  • Fine-tune the completed website to be unique with the help of the Assistant

The Assistant is also a good teacher who will help you quickly learn all the tips and tricks of managing a website. After the successful installation of the website, you can start the introductory tour of WordPress.

Guide to getting started with Assistant:

You can enable WordPress Assistant by installing the new Zone+ application:

When installing the application, choose the WordPress language (EN for English):

As soon as application is installed, you can start creating your website using the Assistant. First you should specify what the website is about. As an example, we use the “Car wash”:


The next steps are to choose the goals of the website and the initial design, which you can change later if necessary:



If you wish, you can add additional pages to the website that visitors can view. Based on the corresponding example, we recommend adding services, gallery, pricing, contact and “About” pages in addition to the main page:

The last step is optional, you can add a description and a tone to the webpage, but you can skip this step (a “skip” button will be displayed if you leave the fields blank).

In the “Website description” box, you can add your company’s contact details, location, activities and anything else you like – the more information you include, the more accurate the website will be.

When the website is ready, you can either start with an introductory tour of WordPress or start managing the website:

Possibilities of using AI

The WordPress Assistant consists of three different AI components:

  • While creating a website, the more information and details you add to the “description”, the more precisely the corresponding website will be created (e.g. company name, company address, purpose of the website, possibilities, etc.):
  • WordPress internal “chatbot” will helps you find answers to your questions.
    Examples: “How to turn off commenting?”, “How can I add a new image?”, “Where can I update plugins?” – and artificial intelligence always helps:
  • WordPress’s built-in text editing AI. First of all, please choose “Pages” on the left, then for example choose “Edit” under “Home page”, and there’s an AI icon in the top right corner that allows the AI to write, edit, add, shorten/lengthen and more:

What about updates?

The version of Zone+ WordPress you are using is always the latest available.
Updates are automatic and we will update:

  • WordPress core files
  • Plugins
  • Themes and designs
  • Text generation with the help of AI (according to the language you choose)

What are the advantages of the Assistant over a standard WordPress?

The Assistant prepares suitable for the overall look themes and designs in advance.

It will not leave you in trouble: Assistant will guide you if you want to navigate the WordPress menus or if you want to get an idea of ​​the application’s functions.

In addition to the fact that Assistant automatically installs all the necessary plugins, it helps you upload images, logos, texts, or create all content through an intuitive and user-friendly user interface.

Is it a fee-based service?
The use of both WordPress and Assistant does not involve any additional costs – it will always remain a free part of the Zone server services.

Updated on 2. Apr 2024

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