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.LV domain registration requirements

Who can register .LV domain:
  • a commercial entity registered in Latvia
  • a state or local government authority
  • a foundation, an agency, a union or other entity established in accordance to the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia
  • a natural person, who has reached 18 years of agе
  • a commercial entity or organisation registered outside the Republic of Latvia

Company, organization, etc. must be entered in the relevant register before registration.

.LV domain name requirements:
  • domain name length should not be shorter than 2 and longer than 63 characters
  • domain name shall be expressed in Latin characters (case insensitive), numbers and hyphen “-“
  • hyphen “-“ may not be used at the beginning and at the end of the domain name
  • non-Latin letters may be substituted with the respective Latin character. Special characters, spaces, and punctuations shall be eliminated or replaced with the hyphen
  •  IDN domain must contain at least one letter with a diacritical mark (ā,ē,ī,ū,ō,ķ,ļ,ņ,ŗ,ģ,š,č,ž)
A domain name must not:
  • infringe the legitimate rights of other parties and not to violate the existing legislation of the Republic of Latvia
  • contain vulgarism, offensive names, expressions, or character strings in conflict with social or moral norms

The full name of an individual as a domain name may be registered only by the person with the respective full name. Between the persons with identical full names the preference shall be given to the person who submitted the application first.


Updated on 15. May 2024

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