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Change of ownership of .LT domain

In order to change the ownership of .LT domain, you need to log into the administrative panel of the central registry of Lithuanian domains at https://www.domreg.lt/registrant with user credentials.
User credentials were sent after domain registration to the registrant’s contact email address.

In “My domains” section, choose the domain whose owner you want to change and click "initialize trade".
From the drop-down menu choose whether the new owner is a private or legal entity. For the legal entity, enter the company name and email address. For an individual, enter the name and email address.
When the necessary data is entered, click "initialize trade".

Then submit a change of ownership application on our website – https://my.zone.eu/ru/zwebadmin/registrar/trade

Be sure to submit an application with the previously stated information of the new owner, and order must be sent within 7 days after the changes made in the central registry of .LT domains.

It is not possible to change the domain owner if:

  • domain less than 30 days old,
  • less than 30 days passed since the previous change of ownership,
  • the domain is quarantined.
Updated on 9. Jul 2020

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