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Using IDNs in web browsers and email clients

Different web browsers and email clients recognize IDN names differently. The reason is that Domain Name System(DNS) used in the Internet recognizes basic ASCII characters only. For the IDN domain to function, every IDN is automatically converted into a format,  that is understood by the Domain Name System. This format is called an ACE string and it stands for ASCII Compatible Encoding. To indicate that the domain name is an IDN, ACE-strings begins with four characters: XN–. Other characters in domain name, indicate which characters in the IDN you entered were non-ASCII characters and what their positions were.

For example, the ACE-string of the domain name JÕULUD.EU is XN–JULUD-DUA.EU.

Most of the modern web browsers support IDN names. NB! Though, you must bear in mind, that when you have registered a domain that contains IDN and are willing to use email, then email related to IDN domain should be introduced to other users through ACE-string. For example, if your email address is INFO@JÕULUD.EU then email must be sent to INFO@XN–JULUD-DUA.EU instead.

As IDN support is not yet sufficiently developed, the IDN domains have mostly web usage. For exaple we strongly advise to use domain names that contain latin characters. To transfer an IDN domain to a domain that contains only basic ASCII characters, we have an alias service, that server users can order under the “Manage servers”, by choosing “Account” and “Order alias”.

Transfering makes it possible to use both names.

You can order an IDN domain HERE.


Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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