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Threshold period

Threshold period is a number of days before the expiration, when automatically domain renewal is not possible. Domain can only be renewed manually during the Threshold period. As delay may occur during manual renewal of the domain and therefore we cannot guarantee that the domain is renewed on time.  

The domains, that are a subject to a Threshold period and application must submitted prior (certain number of days) to when the Threshold period starts: ac[5], at[5], be[5], by[35], cc[5], ch[5], co.uk[5], com.pl[5], cz[35], de[5], dk[20], fm[35], fr[5], hr[35], ie[35], io[35], is[70], it[5], li[5], lu[35], nl[15], pl[5], pt[35], ro[5], se[10], sh[5], si[45], tv[5], vg[30] and ws[35]. [Number] next to the domain name represents number of days till the expiration and that is the threshold period.

Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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