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Setting up forwarding

Forwarding can be set up via web-hosting management in My Zone or via webmail at https://webmail.zone.ee

In order to set up forwarding on our website choose “My Zone” and log in using your ZoneID account credentials. On the service overview page under web-hosting service click on the shortcut “e-mail”. On the new page under ”E-MAIL ACCOUNTS CURRENTLY IN USE” next to the email account click “fwd“.

Add e-mail addresses, where you would like to forward the messages. As forwarding status choose either „copy“ or „forwarded“. If you choose „copy“, then the copies of messages will be forwarded and messages will be left on your account also. If „forwarded“ is chosen, then all the messages will be forwarded, no copies will remain on your account. In order to save the changes click „modify“.

If you don’t have access to web-hosting management in My Zone, then forwarding can be set up via webmail at https://webmail.zone.ee. Choose “Settings” and “Forwarding” after logging in to webmail, the the set up options/principles are the same as in web-hosting management.


Updated on 18. Oct 2018

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