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Setting up autoreply

Autoreply can be set up via web-hosting management in My Zone or via webmail at https://webmail.zone.ee

In order to set up an autoreply on our website choose “My Zone” and log in using your ZoneID account information. Then on the service overview page under web-hosting service click on the shortcut “e-mail”. On the new page under ”E-MAIL ACCOUNTS CURRENTLY IN USE” next to the email account click “autoreply“.

Choose a validity period, the title and the content of autoreply. In “address expires” field note how often is autoreply sent to the same address. By default “doesn’t expire” is chosen, which means that autoreply will be sent only once to each during the entire period. If any other period is chosen, then autoreply will be sent in reply to those email, that were sent during the specified period.

If you don’t have access to web-hosting management in My Zone, then autoreply can be set up via webmail at https://webmail.zone.ee. Choose “settings” and “autoreply” after loging in to webmail, the principles of setting up is the same as via web-hosting management.

Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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