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Setting up an email spamfilter

In order to set up an email filter on our website choose “My Zone” and log in using your ZoneID account credentials. On the service overview page under web-hosting service choose “E-mail”, “Spamfilter” and “configure“.

Activated filter works for all email accounts associated with your domain.

Spam check activated: choose “Yes“, if you wish to activate the filter.

Subject tag: As a default, the subject of an email considered to be suspicious. By default, a tag “[[[SPAM]]]” is added to the subject of the message that is recognized as SPAM.

Required hit level: Here you can set the level which is required for a message to be marked as SPAM. By default, the level is set to 5 points. The fewer points, the more messages will be considered SPAM.

Required Kill Level: The number of points required for an email to be automatic deleted instead of reaching your mailbox. Here you need to specify a value that will be higher than the number set for the “Tag Level”. We strongly suggest to set no less than 7 points, otherwise you risk deleting the messages needed, that will accidentally get into spam.

NB! You can also add individual filters that work with certain configurations, in which you can use the FROM, TO, CC, TO or CC and SUBJECT values of the message.

To add such a filter, click “add new rule“, specify the settings you need and click “add“.

Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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