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Migration to the new ZoneOS platform

ZoneOS is server platform which was launched in March 2019 and is used for new Shared Web Hosting and Smart Dedicated Servers instances.  

Clients who are intrested in the new platform can order the migration please contact our customer service info@zone.ee. The migration is free of charge, causes only a short interruption and IP address change. Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate Web Hosting servers using PHP version older than 5.6 

We are also upgrading existing servers to the new platform. According to our experience the change of platforms does not affect the performance of the most web applications. Less than 1% of migrated servers need additional support. 

If you have been notified about server migration and any of the changes mentioned below might cause problems, please contact our customer service info@zone.ee and we can move your Web Hosting to another server and the upgrade will take place later.

Version changes

  • Redis v3.2 → v5.0
  • MariaDB 10.2 → 10.4
  • NodeJS v6.14 → v12.13
  • GLIBC is updated

Other changes

  • phpini catalog structure changes, the new structure is:
  • The server time will be in UTC:
    Apache and PHP logs
    will use UTC;
    CRON jobs scheduled for specific hour will run 3 h earlier; CRONs set to run every 1 or 5 minutes and tasks managedby applications (Magento, WordPress) are note affected
  • Apache logs are swiched to the real-time log system

Will be added

  • TLS 1.3 support

Not supported

  • PHP 5.5 and older (Web Hosting servers running older versions will be migrated to a separate server when needed)
  • Support for CGI scripts (we check to make sure they are not used before migration)
  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support (very low probability that some obsolete device will need it)

What can go wrong?

  • ID card authentication on catalog level, ID card authentication should be moved to subdomain level
  • As GLIBC is updated binaries compiled for legacy platform will stop working (we do not support compilers or self-installed binaries on shared platform)
  • Because many of the OS utilities are upgraded scripts depending on their output may fail in unexpected ways
Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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