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Loging in with ID-card

Login instructions:

  1. go to www.zone.ee and select “My Zone”;
  2. select ID-CARD;
  3. select “Enter with ID-card”;
  4. enter ID-card PIN 1;
  5. after successful login you see the list of associated ZoneID user accounts or you can connect your ID-card with another ZoneID.

NB! On your first login you are offered to associate your ZoneID account with your ID-card. For this you need ZoneID username and password. Next time ZoneID username and password will not be asked.

Additional information:

  • if you already have ZoneID accounts associated with your mobile-ID, then these accounts are also seen under ID-card;
  • you can associate multiple accounts with ID-card. When you have logged in with ID-card, you can select the ZoneID you want to log in. You can log in to one ZoneID at the time and you cannot switch from one ZoneID account to another. You should log in again with ID-card and select another ZoneID;
  • if you mark the option “Show virtual servers”, then it is easier to select the ZoneID account you want to log in. You will see there all of your virtual servers associated with your ZoneID account;
  • you can associate your ID-card with another ZoneID by selecting “Bind the authentication method to an additional ZoneID account” and entering the ZoneID username and password;
  • In order to disassociate mID or ID-card from your ZoneID login into My Zone and choose “account settings” by hovering on your username, then click “Associated identities” and you will be able to disassociate the identity.

Entering “My Zone”
Login with Mobil-ID (mID)


Updated on 18. Oct 2018

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