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Domain name renewal

The number of the domain offered by Zone Media LLC has significantly increased and different conditions apply to the renewal of different domain names.

Generally, domain names can be automatically renewed 60 days prior to the expiration date. At the same time there are domains, that are a subject to Threshold period – in order to renew this domain, an application must submitted prior (certain number of days) to when the Threshold period starts , so the application can be processed automatically. Those domains are two-letter country code top-level domains  ac[5], at[5], be[5], by[35], cc[5], ch[5], co.uk[5], com.pl[5], cz[35], de[5], dk[20], fm[35], fr[5], hr[35], ie[35], io[35], is[70], it[5], li[5], lu[35], nl[15], pl[5], pt[35], ro[5], se[10], sh[5], si[45], tv[5], vg[30] and ws[35]. [Number] next to the domain name represent number of days till the expiration and that is the threshold period.

  • First renewal notifications is sent 60 days prior to the expiration. Notification regarding the renewal of the above mentioned domains is sent 60+[x] days before, so that registrant can renew the domain on time.   

  • Automatic renewal application is submitted by the system 30 days prior to the expiration, in case client has already submitted it. As automatic renewal is still in the beta stage, the application is submitted only when only one domain is expiring at the same time. Automatic renewal is not applied for multiple domains. If you wish to deactivate automatic renewal then please contact our customer support at  info[@]zone.ee.

Despite the above, domains can be also renewed during the Threshold period and applications are then processed by us manually. А delay may occur when manual renewing the domain and therefore we cannot guarantee that the domain is renewed on time. We will do our best to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

ATTENTION! The receipt of the payment is a necessary condition for the renewal application to be processed. Processing applications and reactivation of the expired domain may take a few days, if the order is placed 2-3 hours prior to the end of business days or on the weekends.

Domain renewal application can be submitted via My Zone in Domain management. In order to renew the domain, an application must be submitted and invoice paid but you can also used an automatically submitted application and the invoice associated with it. If the domain has already expired, then it can be renewed under “My domains”. Domains can be renewed for a period of one year.

The invoice is issued while submitting manual or automatic application and in accordance with ZoneID information. The application is processed after the invoice is paid and payment has arrived in our system. The application can be found under “Orders” and invoices on the services overview page a under “Invoices”. If the invoice is paid via direct backlink or credit card, the payment arrives within 15 minutes. If you choose to pay by simple bank transfer, then the payment will arrive in our system during couple business days (it depends on the interbank transaction speed). We strongly recommend adding the invoice number and the domain name into details as well as a reference number.

Details regarding registration periods of different domains offered by Zone can be found from our pricelist.

Updated on 31. Aug 2021

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